With the continuing invention of new tiers in the UK , I think it is clear that there has to be a better way of informing the public where they stand regarding the coronavirus. Why not, I thought, make it a little more fun and interactive and use gamification.

If you think about it, this is pretty easy to do. The data is well-formed, well-known, simple and granular enough to know your road and house number. Although, for my purposes, we only really need to care about the borough/area.

So, what do I propose? Well for a start, let’s define…

As technology advances, its impact on other industries leads to changes in how things are done. The healthcare industry is no exception. Digital transformation in healthcare has already begun to change how doctors and patients interact and how medical tests are performed. Other changes involve machine learning capabilities like artificial intelligence and automation and the use of Blockchain to secure patient records. A report by the AMA found that 54 percent of physicians see digital tools as giving some advantage to their ability to care for patients. Just 13 percent felt that there was no advantage of such options. As…

I was asked about this a fair few times about Microsite’s in the last few months, so I have collated this from my replies.

What Is a Microsite?

A microsite tends to be a branded content site that is rooted in a subdomain of your company’s main site (i.e. micrositename.yourwebsite.com), or it has its own independent URL that is distinct to the main site. Often it does not contain the name of the main company.

As you would expect by ‘Micro’ these are smaller, specific sites that promote a focused message. It should not contain any content that the main www.yourwebsite.com contains

Microsites work…

For a majority of businesses, the thought of implementing machine learning sounds unattainable. Fortunately, it is possible to jump aboard the bandwagon without too shelling out high financial and resource investment. Thanks to companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, it is now possible to get Machine Learning as a service (MLaaS).

What is Machine Learning as a Service?

MLaaS refers to the different cloud-based platforms which handle most infrastructural issues related to machine learning. These include model training, model evaluation and data pre-processing among other things.

Some of the leading MLaaS providers in the market include Microsoft Azure Machine Learning…

Back in December 2017 I wrote an article talking about voice see here.

In that i wrote that ‘Gartner Predicts 75% of U.S. households will have Smart Speakers by 2020, which means that 75% of 125.82 million households (94.3 million) will have voice-activated device’. Well its now mid 2019, so i thought i’d give an update, so where are we now… At present in the USA there are over 118 million homes that have embraced smart speakers, which is a 78 percent growth over the previous year, according to researchers. Furthermore, researchers at Hubspot have discovered that 52 percent…

Mark Edgington

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